Many of my photographs I envision to be large format. Large being over 3 feet, and many of them over 5ft or larger depending on the space. I find it difficult to get the feeling of an image on a computer screen. I want the viewer to be surrounded by the image. If you walked up close enough the viewer would be emerged into the images environment. In some instances such as Surface Tension the viewer would feel overwhelmed by the ocean, afloat in a turbulent sea. Others would place you in a forest surrounded by beauty and serenity.

Yet there are images that would be no larger than 16 X 20. Smaller intimate, where the viewer is forced to get close and peer in, to focus on only the image, be quiet with the image. Like reading a short poem and getting lost in the words.

Because photography does not have set sizes or set framing needs, there are many ways to create a final image. As the artist I prefer my images to be certain sizes and formats, but I understand the need to be able to customize images.

I have my large images printed in Germany. Below is a brief description of the different options available. Prints on paper are custom printed on archival paper with the most up to date inks available.

Please contact me for pricing and sizes :


Aluminium Printing

A sublimation print on aluminum gives you wonderfully brilliant colors on a fascinating material.The ultrathin aluminum surface, available in two glossy versions of brushed or primed white, gives photos an exciting and different accent. Scratch and weather proof to remain just as impressive for a long time.You can display your HD metal prints indoors or outdoors, in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Acrylic Printing

A color print is mounted under glossy acrylic glass using an elastic silicone adhesive.A sturdy aluminum Dibond panel is then added for stability.

Choose between two thicknesses of acrylic glass: 1/16" for a slim, elegant presentation or the 1/4" acrylic glass for a more imposing appearance.


The original photo print under matte acrylic glass, practically reflection-free from every angle. Even in direct light, the premium, matte acrylic glass absorbs reflections while simultaneously giving your image visual depth.